Review - Chinese archery training program, Odum, Georgia

By Dan McGehee, March 8, 2014

Each day began with meditation in Jaap's workshop before we headed out to the 28 yd target set amongst the pine trees, where we warmed up and divided into groups under the guidance of Justin Ma, proprietor of Cinnabar Bow and teacher of Gao Ying's method of Ming Dynasty Chinese archery. Justin emphasized the importance of clean and well aligned shooting form at the makiwara, a tightly packed straw bale shot from an arrow's length away. The orientation of the arrow in the bale, in relation to the shooter, will expose any errors in the release or form of the archer (some readers will undoubtedly see the similarity to paper and bare shaft testing done by most traditional archers). "The arrow never lies" Justin is fond of telling his students, and quickly proves it by diagnosing any problems with your release after observing a only few shots.



Manchu archery practice, technique and training methods.


The tunken target

Using the thumbring

About Manchu archery equipment

Manchu bows

Manchu arrows

Whistling arrows & whistle arrows


Whistling arrows and whistle arrows

...and yes there is a difference!

By Peter Dekker, April 25, 2013

Chinese archery program and lectures


Hello there!

I'm currently at the estate of Jaap & Kay Koppedrayer to make preparations for the Chinese archery program and lectures that will start coming Friday the 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you guys there, renewing old friendships and establishing new!

For the event, see:

Facebook event page:

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Welcome to the all-new website of Fe Doro - Manchu archery!

After having had a very simple website for such a long time I figured it was time for a place that allows for easy reference on all things Manchu archery.
In weeks to come I will update the site with more and more information, photo's, and other stuff we've been working on the past few years.

Now go browse the site, I look forward to hearing from you!


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Upcoming events

S.P.T.A. St Georges Shoot
Huish Woods, Nr Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom. April 26th-27th, 2014.

Organized by S.P.T.A.'s founder and well-known bowyer Hilary Greenland, the St. George shoot, to me, is like coming home to a bunch of good friends. This year, on top of the regular locals and the French and German guests, some of my friends from the Czech Republic and Turkey will be coming over as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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